High Priests of Amon          

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The Reconstruction of the High Priests of Amon in the Twenty First Dynasty



                              Amenhotep    md  Herere


     Ramses XI                    ____________    (brother and sister)    

     Md Tentamun                                     

                                    Herihor     md    Nodjme



                   Tentamun  md    Smendes I                                        Piankh md Hrere



Henttowy____md _____________________ Pinudjem  I



             Mutnutme md Psusennes I  md Wiay        

                              (Niece Uncle)                     



                    Makare                   Esemkhbe    md MenKheperRe


                      ____________________________ ______________                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Taben Thute    md   Smendes II md sister  Henttowy



                               Pinudjem II    md   Neskhonsu


                                                             Psusennes II



                                                            MaatKaRe md  Osorkon I  md 2 Tashedkhonsu



                                                                        Shoshenk II         Takelot I





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