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ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) is usually defined into subdivisions used in the classical Duke University Studies of Para - psychology. These include Telekinetics  (The movement of objects by power of the mind), Telepath (transmission of messages, communication from mind to mind),  Precognition (Sensing events before the happen)  eic.

Some of this has real value and the potential is so great it cannot be ignored. But there also has been so much chicanery and outright fraud that everything is thrown into doubt. Some of  this is also improbable to the point of incredulity.. Arthur C Clark did a Nova Series on this subject, and reached more or less the same conclusions I have reached.  His work took more time and was more in depth, with better controls etc. BUT I still have some new ideas that he did not have. Perhaps putting these together would be worth the time. The is a muddle, and I offer what new thoughts I have had, some definitions which allow us to think about the phenomena  by use of new words to separate concepts.  Most  of all I have been able to realize that these are NOT completely  subject to Scientific method ! They lie in a domain NOT totally within the methods of science.  That leaves me a bit disturbed trying to figure out what rules DO apply, and not to try to apply rules that are irrelevant.





BELIEF - HOPE - CREATIVITY !  Flash of Insight. Flash of inspiration.

Sub- Conscience - use of "little man" / recall techniques.

Healing via placebo and belief techniques.

Hypnotism (but with its limits), hypnotherapy.

Information able to move faster than C (not limited to physics).

"Mind" thoughts that transcends the physical universe.



Telepathy - some proven, but lacks control.

Precognition (but not really reliable, "noise" problem + fraud)

Reincarnation, past lives (note more cases of fraud than real cases 10:1)

"Cosmic conscience" or "racial mind" God etc. source of inspiration.

Aura (but almost so what- use dubious, except for medical diagnosis)

Spirit (YOURS MINE) that pre-existed before birth, and after death.

Clairvoyant, Long distance perception, knowing what happened somewhere else.

Dreams that have meaning,(how sub conscious mind brings things to conscious)

Psinergy (Ch'i, Prana, Mana, Vital Fluid, N-ray; {Odic, Orgone, Cosmic,

     Psychotronic Prephysical, Eloptic} Energy)(some fraud, some probable)


POSSIBLE (but SO what? - question of utility, what use?)

Astral Projection, Out of Body Experience, (Silver Chord to body)

     (Problem is: What DO we see, is it real?, & what does it mean?)

Astral plane - How does it relate to sensory reality? -

Kirlian Photography (dubious use / is it ESP or just electrical corona?)

Plant "mind" consciousness, electro effects on plants.



Telekinesis (Physics of power in mind insufficient) CONTROL another thing.

     Astrology (per se predestination from birth, most planetary * "effects")

Angels, Ghosts, Spirits (not attached to people)

Transcendentalism, Dual reality (universe is ONE thing) but T vs. CT, and

     where mind goes at night, problem is elephant and 6 blind men integration of descriptions into coherent whole.

Pyramidology shapes - data failed on all claims. (Spheres of Copernicus)(Note that a pyramid does have 5 points and Psinergy lies in five fold field, but the flaw is that 4 points are in a plane in pyramid).



CERTAIN (I have been able to reproduce them)

BELIEF - HOPE - CREATIVITY !  Flash of Insight. Flash of inspiration.


This has happened to me so often that I cannot doubt it. Some of the Physics things were that flash of insight that I attribute to a brief connection to God (or Nature, or cosmic consciousness or what ever you wish to call it, -- I prefer the word GOD) which left me with answers / insight I had not had before the insight. It is possible some of these were my own mind solving a problem I had been working on for a long time, and the answer was popping up from subconscious to conscious level. But some of them were quite unexpected, and in fact I occasionally misunderstood the insight. Later events would reveal my error but the insight was correct, it was my poor understanding that was in error. Those which defied my logic are to me a proof of insight from outside. Also many facts involved facts not know to me at the time, so I could not have arrived at the conclusion until I later found out the facts.  (Precognition in operation? Any way you cut it some form of ESP was involved. )



Sub- Conscience - use of "little man" / recall techniques.

I have used this so often that I feel I am in command and control it. It has rules, and limitations, but it is discussed in HOW TO CONTROL YOU MIND under Nexialism. (This was explained clearly in INSTANT ESP by David St. Clair – my version is a bit different, but he deserves credit for the initial work). This is presented under NEXIALISM how the mind works in some detail.


Healing via placebo and belief techniques.

While I have not actually done this myself (or perhaps I did it so well that I cured me without knowing I did it) I have seen it so often (including Prayer – most emphatically including Prayer – even when the beneficiary was totally unaware of the prayers this works) that I no longer have any doubt it works and works well. This is also documented in Scientific form as well.


Hypnotism (but with its limits), hypnotherapy.

Again I am resistant to hypnosis to some extent, but I have enough evidence to be able to say it works. I personally wish I could be hypnotized by someone I trusted (short list) to see what is locked in my own mind that might be let loose by hypnotic means.


Information able to move faster than C (not limited to physics).

I have done it repeatedly.


"Mind" thoughts that transcends the physical universe.

The statement itself is an example, qed proof that mind / thought transcends the universe and its limitations. If you can imagine something that transcends the universe and its limitation you have exceed that domain, and just stating the thought “what if” did that.



PROBABLE EVENTS (I believe but can not prove or reproduce them)

Personal notes:

Telepathy - somewhat proven, but lacks control.

TELEPATHY I have experienced telepathy. It appears to follow rules that impose three limitations. If you concentrate you loose it. You must be willing to take first impressions without reservation, and without ever application of any judgment factors. It only happens / applies to two way communication, you either open up totally two way or not at all.


Theory to explain: The signal is quite small, and any concentration seems to generate so much “noise” that is swamps the ESP signal. If you try to think about it then your personal wishes, prejudices and so on come up into the reception and are louder than the real signal and thus scramble it. It was always a flash, a surprise when my mind was on other things, and I was halted –interrupted -and before I could get mind going again the telepathy  worked for a short time. As soon as I started to think and to try to control it , the very act of trying to control destroyed the link.

You must open YOUR mind to the other person all the way, and they must be trusted to see anything and everything in your mind. And if I tell you try not to think of something how well will you succeed? If you try NOT to think of things that you do not want the other person to know, then those are the first things that pop up.  So you must have nothing to hide- absolutely nothing at all, for the open mind to work. I assure you that virtually no one I know is willing to open up to that level, and so we go about with a mental block to telepathy. All or nothing at all and we choose nothing.


Precognition (but not really reliable, "noise" problem + fraud)

PRECOGNITION: I have occasionally known what was going to happen, some things trivial, some important, but well before it happened. Example a friend was with me at a meeting in which a door prize was being pulled literally from a hat. He said “I’m going to win that!”, got up from chair and was 3 or 4 steps toward the podium as the slip was drawn and read. But the more important occasions were when I knew when really disastrous possibilities were in store and could act to avoid being involved. I could not stop the disaster for others but I could be sure NOT to be where it was going to happen. That has happened often enough I am personally sure it works. BUT it is NOT  reproducible.  Also if you do not isten and accept, it apparently ceases, "goes away" with non-use.


Reincarnation, past lives (note more cases of fraud than real cases 10:1).

I have seen – (Arthur C. Clark is best evidence) of people who recalled being in prior lives. The detail is convincing. BUT!!!! I also am aware of other people who claimed to have been Cleopatra, Napoleon, etc. that were at best delusional. When a dozen past Cleo’s are in the same room one does get suspicious. The static and fraud mask the reality, and I note that there are more people alive today that ever, and that there are too may people to allow a  1:1 reincarnation from past time. The number of souls erquired keeps going up and so 5 billion today does not match the 200 million total of Roman times—it just won’t work.

BUT some does appear to be true. How much? Children being given a second chance to grow up?


"Cosmic conscience" or "racial mind" God etc. source of inspiration.

Again I can not prove this. The words “God” and “Proof” are mutually incompatible. God is at least partially by incomplete definition ALL POWERFUL. That implies no one can force him to do something. Proof requires reproducibility. There must be something I can do that will produce a response. Thus I must be able to force God to do something. Opps! And I think not; a contradiction. But I also conceive an all knowing person, who created this whole universe, and that all knowledge eventually can be traced to Him (Him, Her).  If that is so then I have had a primary link (at least on this planet) to some few new bits and pieces of knowledge and I am starting the propagation of that knowledge.

I also note the concept that knowledge it itself alive, and reproduces.  It uses humanity as its carrier.


Aura (more fraud than real use,  use  except for perhaps medical diagnosis)

I have little experience, I do not see auras, but accept the word of others here. It is a reasonable possibility, and is useful for some things. It is NOT the get something for nothing that many wish it to be. At least one person saw aura in various colors and intensities that linked directly to medical problems, or medical health. His documented accuracy was FAR better that most diagnostic surgeons, and he was able to spot tumors etc. they had missed.  For his efforts he was brought to court an prohibited from "diagnosis" - the incompetent quacks rejecting competition *(unpaid) in any form. A higher court held that since he did not treat, was unpaid, and in fact always referred all problems for Medical help, that he should rather be encouraged to offer advise, particularly since is was so often correct.  Our society MUST learn to be grateful for gifts and cease "witch hunts", and in fact my opinion is those who brought the unethical suit should be punished by having done to them what THEY proposed for him.



Spirit (YOURS, MINE, "soul", (not ghost)) that pre-existed before birth, and after death.

While I cannot prove this, I believe in it. Since I am dealing with things which are NOT observable (before birth and after death) I cannot prove it. I am reminded of a story of a philosophy Professor and his student. He was at his desk when one if his better students more or less slammed into the office and loudly said “I do not believe I have a soul!” 

His reply was to the point.

“Well !,  You should know.   I do!   Good day!”

 my comment




Clairvoyant, Long distance perception, knowing what happened somewhere else.

Dreams that have meaning, (how sub conscious mind brings things to conscious)

Psinergy  (Ch'i, Prana, Mana, Vital Fluid, N-ray; {Odic, Orgone, Cosmic,

Psychotronic  Prephysical, Eloptic} Energy) (some fraud, some probable).


I have never personally perceived events at a distance. I have heard of (usually third hand)

others who did. One first hand case involved out of body expedience.

But overall I find the concept acceptable,  just not something I can “prove”.


The below are more NOTES than a paper. Please accept them as work in progress.


Handbook of PSI Discoveries - Shiela  Ostrander & Lynn Schroeder

Psinergy HISTORY

Chi'i              Ancient Chinese

Prana              Ancient Hindus

Mana               Pacific Islands, and part of Ancient Europe

Vital fluid        Alchemistry ca 12-1400

Universal fluid    Anton Mesmer(1734-1815)1766 start,Austria 1775,Paris 1778 Debunked 1784

Odic Force         Baron Karl von Reichenbach

N-Rays             Professor Blondlot

Orgone Force       Dr. Wilhelm Reich

Prephysical Energy George de la Warr

Elotropic Energy   T. Galen Hieronmous

Di-electric Bio-cosmic Energy  Dr Oscar Brunler

Psychotropic Energy Czech and Soviet Researchers ca 1976

Bio-plasma         Czech and Soviet Researchers ca 1975-78

PK Energy          Dr Leonid L. Vasiliev Russia

                   Uri Geller debunked James the great Randi 1979


     * Permeates all things to a greater or lesser degree.

     * It accompanies sunlight & probably other forms of light.

     * It has properties similar to known forms of energy but is a distinct energy. It accompanies magnetism but also appears separately.

     * It is polarized and can be reflected from mirrors.

     * It emanates from the human body and has been particularly noted at fingertips and the eyes.

     * It can heal or, used negatively, can harm living creatures.

     * it can be conducted by such things as copper wire and silk threads.

     * It can be stored in inanimate materials such as water, wood, and even stone.

     *It can fluctuate with cosmic and weather conditions.

     * It can be controlled by the mind.

     *It can cause things to happen at a distance and enters into the dynamics of many paranormal phenomena.


SCIENCE and the SUPERNATURAL James E. Alcock (1990)

Search for Soul/ and Belief in 1) Psi (parapsychological 1942 by Thouless))  2) ESP Extra Sensory Perception (telepathy and precognition), and 3) PK Psychokinesis.

      ganzfeld- cover eyes with 1/2 ping pong balls, light on them and white noise in ears via earphones.


Sir William Crookes, Lord Rayleigh (1904 nobel Prize), Physiologist Charles Richet (Nobel Prize 1913), psychologists William James, carl Jung, William McDougall, Sir Cyril Burt, Hans Eysenck,  Math John Taylor (1977 on basis of Uri Geller-repudiated 1979) etc. Parapsychological association 300 members doctorates in science & engineering, (associated with AAAS since 1969) Otis and Alcock 1982,  Akers (1984),

Big rush 1966- 1979 then strong disbelief ca 1981-87 to present




ψenergy,      ψorce      ψorce,            ψentropy 

        Motivation         Opposites

ψorce,  Hope            Despair

source  Belief             Doubt

                Faith              Skepticism

                 LOVE            HATE


negative motivations     revenge, vengeance



     VALUES: ETHICS         Disrespect: CRIMES, Sins, Wrongs

     Rights, morals               Immorality, Compulsion, duress, coercion

     Appreciation                    Ingratitude, disdain

     Standard of physical value, dollars, pounds, yen marks etc.

   (need new standards for psi values)


ψENERGY,  Beauty     Ugliness

synergy    Truth          Lies, ignorance

                 Creativity     Destruction

               Innovation     Stagnation, delay


ψEntropy   psintopy = A measure of Unavailability

 of ψenergy, & stop of in flow;  Loss, destruction of values

        Worthlessness, un-usefulness


ψPower The time rate of flow of   ψenergy,  said "sour"


Epsi  psinergy - mental energy, as opposed to physical ENERGY which is

the physics definition:    (said) "synergy"       

ENERGY is limited to C, Psinergy is NOT,

also cooperative effort - jointly sharable

           mental energy, beauty, truth, creativity, innovation


Ppsi psiower- = political power, control domination of other human beings. "sour" - Force, might, potency ability, strength, energy, authority, command, domination, potential, manage, govern, rule, domineer, reign, RESTRICT, REPRESS, acid, acerbic, acrid, astringent, tangy, tart, curdle, ferment, spoil opposite of sweet. 


Wpsi psiwave The "wavelength" of mental transmission (note positive and neg.)

"suave" - cultured, diplomatic, gracious,politic,sophisticated,urbane,

(soph=cosmopolitan,refined,well bred,advanced,complex,complicated, difficult


Fpsi  psiquency  frequency of "vibration" in mental use (good vibes)

"sequency" - chain, cycle, series, arrangement, order, progression, succession


Tpsi  psieriod The period or time relationship of mental use, =1 / Fpsi


Spsi  psientropy, a measure of the unavailability of Psienergy, the part that has gone to sink and no longer can flow for useful purposes. -worthlesness, corrupt, incompetent, lazy, apathetic, stupid, ignorant, impecunious


Definitions from dictionary, mixed physics and mental usage.


ENERGY - force, power, strength, might, potency, stamina, initiative, animation, vigor, application, devotion, exertion, struggle

FORCE - compel, constrain, oblige, require, drive, propel, push, thrust, push thrust, coerce, elicit, exhort, pry, strength vigor, vitality, attraction, charisma, magnetism, impact, import, significance, value, weight, potency, pressure, stress

POWER- force, might, potency, puissance, strength, energy, stamina, vigor, authority, command, control, domination, prerogative, ability, capacity, faculty, potential skill

ENTROPY- A measure of unavailability of Energy, disorder, randomness, as opposed to order, Energy flow/temperature of the flow



{Prior possible terms for Psinergy: Ch'i (Chee), Prana, Mana, Vital Fluid, N-ray, ectoplasm; and {Odic, Orgone, Cosmic, Psychotronic Prephysical, Eloptic} Energy.  Some are possible synonyms, - and at least should be considered possibly as such}.


Psiorce - Psinergy - Psiower  Characteristic is CONSTRUCTIVE, CREATIVE, HOPE, BELIEF;  Must be used for higher purpose, dominantly (exclusively?) positive. Will not allow itself to be used for "bad" purposes. (but note every attribute has its opposite, and both poles must be present in every thing, good/virtue and bad/evil).


ψenergy, equate with creativity, innovation, is in field of BEAUTY. It requires POSITIVE INTENTIONS, BELIEF, FAITH, linked to positive EMOTIONS only - destroyed by negative emotions,  requires and is freedom, trans-Bisexual, Individuality, not collective but can be encouraged by appreciation, and admiration, recognition, praise (note praise is also a transfer of positive psienergy )

{Sub Note Feelings, emotions are partially - perhaps dominantly CHEMICAL} enhanced by Reverence, Calm, Tranquility, (trance or hypnotism helpful),

Five FOLD field, (five points not in a line, plane or volume) which can be presented only as solid Tetrahedron in time. Lacks constraint by time, distance. (Sub note Pyramid is 5 points but 4 are in a plane, thus one point is not orthogonal to the others, as required by physics/ it is a projection of a five figure into three space).

TIME is CHANGE, but change is descriptive, a RELATIONSHIP, and not noun, not mass, when adverbial. Position = where = adverb, can be part of designation of a noun, a Relationship, but also it is not NOMINATIVE.

It is opposed by NEGATIVE intent, which may block positive.  Any "noise" generated by agitation, anger, (or any strong emotion, note emotions tend to be primitive, Psiower is advanced), excitement, conflict, contention, confrontation, aggression; DESPAIR, DOUBT, SENSORY KNOWLEDGE (strong signals overwhelm weak non-sensory input).  greed, selfish use / power (control over others) abuse.

Skepticism , or negative intent can or will possibly block Psinergy, or overwhelm the positive intent.

Whether you believe you can or can not - you are probably right.


                    Psinergy                                             Energy

Speed     Not limited to C, unlocalized          │Limited to C, localized


Time      Not limited to Event front                 │Limited in interactions to an

          Past-present-future accessible             │event front "local NOW".


Space     Not local, anywhere, anytime            │Space is barrier, local binary

                                                                     │interactions only (1/r2 effect)


Detector Mind so far only. Low signal              │Eyes, etc. and lots of photon

          strength, weak signal easily                    │type devices, camera, optics,

          blocked with "static". Also                       │touch, taste, smell, sound via

          blocked by disbelief, negative ESP          │matter- mass interactions.


Ethics    Useful as positive psiorce only            │Neutral; Can be used by negative

          Control beneficial. Attempted                   │ethics, results. Control also

          negative use reflects "10 fold"                  │appears to be limited by ethics

          Altruistic/Greed prohibited.                      │of psinergy.


Belief    Henry Ford "Whether you believe           │Sensory, Heisenberg Uncertainty

          you can or cannot, you are                        │principle limit on observations

          probably right." Belief is VERY                   │Belief restricted by the very

          Important in mind, mental effects                │methods (patterns) of thought.


Observer Observer is part of Universe                     │Despite Observer interacts with              

thus KNOWS he is part of system                            │experiment, tries to be aloof,



Static    Easily swamped by mental static,                  │Signal strength measured, is

          Attempt to control actually sets                      │above static usually. Known

          up mental static, self defeating                       │background noise.


Quality          Qualitative,  no measures yet                │QUANTITATIVE, have rulers and

                                                                                │clocks, etc. instruments.


Reproducibility Take what you get as you get it        │Reproducibility is key part of

           Rarely reproducible; History only                  │"Scientific method" repeated

          can record many events. Rhine                      │experiments with variations.

          type experiments loaded w. fraud                   │


Evidence Invisibility, do not want to be                      │Rules of evidence, (frequently

          known, punished for ability, and                       │ignored) but at least recorded.

          thus third party, NON-EVIDENTIARY                    │AUTHORITARIANISM (bad, exists)


Democrat Only selected people do this,                        │Independent of experimenter (in

Elitist   NOT everyone, NOT democratic,                        │theory at least. Authoritarian.

          elitist                                                                 │


FRAUD     Loaded with fraud, since people                      │Fraud for power / prestige is

ABUSE   want to believe & get something                        │rampant / limits progress.

Ethics    for nothing.                                                       │




CHI   (the Greek letter c “kai” or the Chinese “chee”)


The force and energy of Psi  (ψ ) to represent one type of ESP deems NOT to operate the same as another healing force, Chi.  For that reason another sequence of words is proposed to be able to talk about this Chi energy - cenergy.  There must be a whole sequence of terms parallel or cognate to the Psi terms


i.e. cerce      K eye rse ( or perhaps Chee  rse too close to Curse for comfort)

      cnergy    Key in er gy  (or Kinergy  or "Cheenergy")

      cntropy   Key ntropy  of Cheentropy

      cower     K eye ower  (close to cower?)  or "Cheower"

        possibly frequency and period and  a wavelength

                       cquency        ceriod       and    cwave

 Chi is related to teh transfer of "vital force and / or Vital energy" particularly in terms of from well to a sick person. The rules are unknown as yet.



SCIENTIFIC METHOD.  I of all people understand the power and use of this tool, but one also must define its domain, where it applies, and where it does NOT apply, and seek NOT to prove or disprove PK events incompatible with parts of the method because do not obey this method.

   Science or parts of the scientific method may be opposed to parts of "PK" phenomena, or parapsychology. The scientific method is rooted in observation confined to REALITY, and reproducibility,  and if we assume that the mind lies in part outside of this universe, or at least is not totally constrained by this universe and it is linked to it via the brain, then to the extent it is outside the universe, observational techniques will not work. To the extent it can not be controlled it also is incompatible. In fact some reproducibility and "control" conditions appear to be superfluous and actually opposed to the mental psinergy rules. Yet there has been a deplorable lack of trying to apply scientific method to parapsychology, and rampant fraud, and sloppy technique plagues it.

    Remember however that parapsychology by its very nature is "sloppy" . and NOT under our total control, and thus probably not fully subject to all "control conditions" - i.e. we must take what we get when we get it. Thus there is a distinct problem line which we need to cross to "prove" parapsychology type phenomena exits. The word "Proof" and "God" are incompatible, but it appears that mind and proof are not incompatible. Yet we must try to be careful -- VERY CAREFUL -- to define the domains where our techniques apply and use them only where valid and avoid them where irrelevant.

TRANSCENDENTALISM DUALITY: The mind transcends our universe.  If the mind can conceive things which lie outside that which we can observe in our universe, that which we define as reality then it is not totally constrained by reality. The statement actually suggests things outside of reality, thus is an example proving the proposition, and the mind is transcendental of the universe.

   But our brain and senses are confined to reality, in fact our senses are confined to the plane of observation of HERE - NOW so our tests and theories also must operate in reality. Until we can observe some "other" reality by some method, then we must confine our actions to "REALISM" and reality, that which we CAN observe. This is an attempt to reconcile science with the former Greek transcendentalism by rejecting anything we can not observe some way. NOTE we do not reject what we have NOT observed, only what can NEVER be observed. There are lots of possible observations which we have yet to make, and those are not excluded. Thus duality of mind is accepted transcendental, but in reality a "dual" reality is rejected saying we have one universe, but the problem is that we just do not fully understand it. This is the "6 blind men and an elephant" problem. Is it a wall, a tree, a fan, a snake, a rope, or a spear? The answer is yes, IF you put them all together properly and NO as it is not limited to any of those.  Thus comparison of sensory reality and clairvoyant reality is of interest.

"BREAK THROUGH TO CREATIVITY" Shafica Karagulla MD- HSP(Higher Sensory Perception).

1) A different way of looking at reality - i.e. relationships are more important than identifying characteristics,

2) time is irrelevant (my word) i.e. past and present and future do not matter, time is a whole fabric. 

3) The universe is a whole, everything is one thing, and we are part of it 

4) Evil and Good are judgement and we should not be judgmental, - (contrary: daily we must make choices, select better or worse options, I would rather do this than that, or have this than that) but good and evil in the long run are sometimes are reverse of what we would first perceive.




1) Objects and events separated in      |Individual identity is essentially

space and/ or time are primarily            |illusory. Primarily, objects and

individual and separate, although          |events are part of a pattern which

they may be viewed as being                 |itself is part of a larger pattern

related in larger units                               |and so on until all is included in the

                                                                    |grand plan and pattern of the universe

 Individual events and objects exist, but their individuality is distinctly secondary

to their being part of the unity of the pattern


2) Information comes through the                           | Information is known through the

senses and these are the only                                 |knower and object, being part of the

valid source of information same unitary pattern. |The senses give only illusory information.


3) Times is divided into past,                            |Time is without divisions, and past,

present, and future and moves                          |present, and future are illusory.

in one direction, irreversibly,                               |Sequences of action exist, but these

from future, through now, into                              | happen in an eternal now. it is the

the past. It is the time of one- time of all-at-once,

thing followed by another.


4) An event or action can be good               |Evil is an illusion, as is good. What

neutral, or evil, although the  is,                     |IS and is neither good nor evil,

consequences often cannot be                     |but a part of the eternal, totally

seen until long after the event                     |harmonious plan of the cosmos which, by its very nature, by its very being is above good or evil.


5) Free will exists and decisions                  Free will does not exist since what

that will alter the future can be                        will be IS, and the beginning and

made. Action can be taken on the             end all enfold each other. Decisions

basis of free will.                                          cannot be made as these involve 

                                                                       action- in-the-future, and the future is

                                                                      an illusion. One cannot take action

                                                                       but can only participate in the pattern of things.


 6) Perception can be focused by     | Perception cannot be focused, as

the will in any desired direction         | this involves will, taking action, and

unless it is externally blocked.            |action-toward-the-future, all of which

and thus specific knowledge can  are impossible. Knowledge comes from being acquired. being in the pattern of things, not from desire to know specific information Perception cannot be externally blocked since knowledge comes from being part of the ALL, and nothing can come between the knower and the known, as they are all the same.


7) Space can prevent energy and     |Space cannot prevent energy or

information exchange between          |information exchange between two

two individual objects unless              |individual objects, since their

there is a media, a "thing-between"   |separateness and individuality are

to transmit the energy or                      |secondary to their unity and

information from one to the other.      | relatedness.


8) Time can prevent energy and  Time cannot prevent energy or

information exchange between        information exchange between two

two individual objects. Exchanges     individual objects, since the

can only take place in the       division into past, present, and

present, not from present to        future are illusions, and all things

past, or from present to future.     occur in the "eternal now."


                        Sensory reality         Clairvoyant Reality                  Transpsychic Reality

Perception      Sensory equipment       Knowledge through                Knowledge through being a

mode                                               uniting with:                            part of the whole and so

                                                        Being one with                       Perception of other parts

                                                                                                     through the whole.


Action Mode      Action involving         Uniting with                         "Prayer" - attempts to

                        interaction between                                              mobilize the energies of the

                        separate entities                                                  one for another part of it.


Possibilities       Action to an end      ESP (type 1)healing              Coincidences start to

                         Cause and Effect                                                 happen, type 5 healing


Impossibilities      ESP phenomena      Action to an end                  Any entity NOT being part of

                          Action without an      Wishing or willing,                 the whole, Self interest.

                         intervening variable       Separate unit or       

                          Type 1 and 5 healing   entities, Self interest


Time        Times' arrow, steady      The Eternal NOW with-                The eternal now

            movement from past to        out past, present, or                    Loss of Sequence?

            present to future.               future, but sequences remain


Space       Measured in inches          An illusion                        Real but completely UN-important

                and light years                 All is one                         Parts of the whole are separated

                                                                                             by it, but being one with the

                                                                                            ONE this does not matter at all.


Energy  A useful concept. The      Not Useful concept. One        A useful concept. Through

            way entities affect            cannot do work in this           mental action one attempts

            each other and the way     reality. However, being           to bring the immense energies

            we describe processes     in this altered state                 of the total universe to bear

            with entities. The              of consciousness can            on another part of it in order

            ability to produce           affect energies in the                to increase the harmony of

            action or effect.               That  bodies of the Healee &        part.

            which does work.            healer from the point of

                                                 view of sensory reality.


Feelings      All the feelings des-         Calm, Peace, serenity                 Awe, humility, deep religious

mobilized   cribed by psychologists      Centeredness.                        feelings, calm, Serenity.

                  & others. 







ψEnergy is a flow, of Beauty, or Truth, or Creativity / innovation, and it flows because of value, or belief, or faith. These values are the driving forces (psiorce) of the flow. As ψEnergy flows, it is conserved, but some of the potential usually is lost and will not flow again, as the flow reaches some "sink" potential.


This sink is any individual who has insufficient value / belief or faith, to appreciate and act on the innovation, or any unmotivated individual. The government in general is a major sink of all value, creativity, and innovation. Since the government never creates anything, just "redistributes" values; particularly the value we call wealth, but also power; it destroys the ability for ψEnergy to flow any further, and thus halts creativity. The verb to govern is opposed to freedom or liberty, and thus to creativity.


The government destroys incentive by redistribution = theft. The innovator is not rewarded for his innovation / creativity, new production of value, and thus to that extent he is less inclined to create any other value.  The recipient of this unearned value also has gotten "something for nothing", and thus has no sense of the value of the service or item. Because he has no value he is careless and thus tends to destroy the wealth / value, as it also simultaneously destroys him and his possibility of learning of values to that exact same sense. Thus theft of ideas or property doubly destroys society to the extent of the redistribution, equals theft.


The "saved by grace", "I am not worthy", "The world owes me a living", "Get something for nothing" attitude is the anathema of self value, self respect, or self worth, and thus a social and individual nemesis.


Thus the ψEntropy increases, as ψEnergy flow halts.  This also marks a destruction of values, both personal and physical. The

ψEntropy is a measure of worthlessness, and thus the loss of value in any situation. The key words that describe increases in ψEntropy are: lazy, shiftless, slothful, apathetic, indigent, incompetent, uneducated, needy, stupid, ignorant, slow, dependent, and all such terms.  Other terms that MAY indicate this frequently include: helpless, poor, disadvantaged, handicap, disabled, impecunious, mentally/physically impaired, crippled, defenseless, poverty,  etc. No matter how they are twisted to make them "politically correct" i.e to lie and hide the truth, these are used to indicate non workers and non producers who can not or will not support themselves. Those with handicaps and pride will virtually always support themselves, and are perhaps better producers than average workers. When someone tries to trade upon their impairment asking for special benefits, special consideration, then THAT is a sign of Psintropy, and includes all sorts of ethical & moral bankruptcy.




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