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For prediction, cyclic repeating events are easiest to predict. We predict sunrise and sunset with some confidence. But there are also progressions, a series of events that are followed by individual people, which the individuals do not repeat, but which usually follow one another in each individual.  These are progressions.  Some of these are not absolute, meaning that a,b,c,d,e might in another individual in another time or place be a,b,g,d,e, --(English versus Greek alphabet equivalents- alpha, beta, gamma, delta epsilon,,….).  But overall these progressions follow one another thus forming predictable patterns with only minor variations.

The easiest way to learn this is to illustrate a progression, and in this case mathematics will be used.  People learn mathematics as a progression, a sequence of steps, that follow one another. 

COUNTING: First the child learns to count, one, two, free, for, six, ten, eight, twelf, firteen,… eventually getting the sequence of numbers in order. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, and then to 20 to 100 etc.

ASSIGNING MEANING: a precise abstract number of things is assigned to each number,  3 said “three” is “ *** ”  three things; and 5 is said “five” and  “ ***** ” five things.

ADDING, = + The mathematical operation of grouping things, 2 + 3 = 5, this really involved two concepts the equivalence equality sign, =, and the operation, +, of grouping, and this could be more than two groups, i.e. 1 + 2+ 3 + 2 = 8 (and later complex “carry” + etc.)

SUBTRACTION, =  --  The Removal of groups,  8-3 = 5 (and complex “borrowing” etc).

MULTIPLICATION, =  x   - Groups of Groups, 5 x 3 = 15 (later long multiplication)

DIVISION = / Subdividing into smaller Groups   21/3 = 7 (later long division fractions)

Note that normally addition cannot be learned before counting, and that subtraction cannot be learned before addition, which cannot be learned before counting, that multiplication cannot be learned before adding, in this sequence of events one logically follows the other. While in theory multiplication might be grasped before subtraction, in practice I cannot ever remember such happening. Children learn these math skills in that order.

GEOMETRY = shapes (shapes and their names may be learned before addition, but I mean quantitative geometry) and quantitative geometric relationships require multiplication. {Area of a rectangle = base, b, times height, h}, {Area for triangle = ½ bh, the circumference of a circle = pi x diameter etc.}

ALGEBRA =  using letters for unknowns and manipulation of the letters in an orderly conventional manner to obtain more general results.

EXPONENTS   exp ( xb  and  y3 ,  x2   , 4x   )


TRIGONOMETRY (the above are the transcendental functions, and note the pairs + with -, and x with /, and  {exp with log}  etc including d with ò below).

Analytical geometry (combination of geometry and algebra, example  x2 + y2 = r2 is a circle with radius r) (conceptual Probability and Statistics also fit in about here)







In the above note some overlap is to be expected, e.g. shapes as part of geometry are usually being learned at the same time as counting, and well before quantitative geometry and the ambiguity of when,  in what sequence, algebra and geometry were learned. Frequently in the past this was taught algebra 1, plane geometry, then algebra II, then trig and then solid geometry, now in a mixed order.

But overall the sequence is as stated, and with some barriers being absolute to prevent getting too far out of order. It is impossible to learn algebra before multiplication, in generic terms. Some of the details may be out of order, but not the generic concepts.

Each individual (I) in a society may follow the progression, or the society (S) may also follow this as it learns new concepts, or both (B) may be true.  Every person follows this mathematical pattern of learning mathematics.  Societies, whole civilizations, also follow a progression as they develop. That in fact was true for Both with mathematics. The various steps were discovered in roughly that same order as people learn them individually today. There was one item that pointedly was out of sequence: the concept of zero.  The Romans did not have the concept of zero and hence also did not really understand negative numbers. This concept was discovered by the Arabic mathematicians, who also introduced “Arabic” numbers (instead of the horrible Roman numerals – which are particularly complex when multiplying),  algebra (the letters), and trigonometry. Thus even “social” progressions are not absolute, merely probable sequential steps. 

Many, -- even MOST people do not progress to the higher steps in the above progression. Some people choose or by lack of educational availability stop short – even FAR short of the “higher” math.

Many civilizations did not yet progress all the way to the upper limits either. Certainly the earlier ones literally “could not” progress all the way as the “ higher” concepts were not invented yet. But even now whole cultures lack the “higher” abilities. Globalization has spread this widely, but not to all corners of the Earth.

This thus is a typical “social science” with some exceptions, but still a very good overall guide as t what to expect.

Below is a chart of how some civilizations progressed with some typiical progression that civilizations or empire followed.


They are by way of analogy a set of stepping-stones in a pathway. Some are set so they overlap, and you may step in slightly different orders, but overall you and others will follow the same sequence.


These are followed by Individuals (I), by Societies (S) , or Both (B).

Mathematics (B): counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, {geometry, /algebra/ concept of zero}, transcendental functions {trigonometry, exponents and logarithms}, analytical geometry, differential calculus, integral calculus, vectors, differential equations, matrices, tensors.

ETHICS      (B) (9 topics split by 4 phases = 24 steps)
RIGHT BAD ETHIC phases "justified for"
1 Life Murder A Individual/Self gain
2 Safety Violence B Society- reject self gain
3 Freedom Slavery C "Higher cause" reject social
4 Property Theft D total rejection of bad ethic
5 Liberty Social pressure
6 Truth Lies
7 Noninterference Inflicting values on others
8 Preservation Destruction
9 Creativity Stagnation
examples of expanded phases:
1A killing for self gain, 1B killing for good of "majority" (War, cannibalism), 1C human sacrifice for "gods" 1D reject murder totally.
2A Violence or threats for personal gain 2B Violence for benefit of "majority" 2C Violence for religious basis 2 D rejection of Violence or threats as a means in all cases.
3A Slavery for private gain, 3B Slavery for society (draft), 3C slavery for religion or "the cause"  (jihad), 3D) reject slavery totally.
4A Stealing for self gain, 4B) Stealing for society (taxes given to benefit others) 4C) Stealing for religion (usually hidden as tithes), 4D) reject stealing totally.
5A) Individual tyranny, 5B) Unnecessary (usually silly or stupid) mandatory social customs, 5C) Religious "tabus", 5D) Reject restrictive customs or morals that are not really required.
6A) Lies for self gain (note not just keeping information to self, as information has value, telling FALSE information), 6B) Lies for social gains (governmental disinformation type secrets), 6C) Religious lies, (anti-science) refusal to face truths that conflict with theory.
6D) rejection of all lies, reject all mental distortions of reality.
7A) Individual interference, forcing individual values on others, 7B) forcing of social values (customs, mores in French) on others, 7C) forging unproven or unprovable religious values on others, and 7D) totally rejecting forced values, interference in mental value systems (note this does NOT preclude "gentle persuasion" trying to convince others of your values, particularly by example, & voluntary listening /learning, it does reject use of force, even social pressures.

Maturity (I), quantified by the time span of planning in actions,
Baby (now), Toddler (minutes), Child (hours), Youth (days), Teenager (days-weeks), Young adult (months), Adult (years), Mature Adult (decades or longer), Academic (centuries to millennia).

Materials: as found, pottery, ceramics, metals (copper, Bronze, Iron);
Metals with higher and higher melting points, linear plot of Smelting temperature vs time 300 BC up to 1750 AD (since then drastic change).
Construction technique: Drywall stone, dressed stone work, vault, arch, Cement, concrete, skeletal structures. Levers, Wedge, wheel, pulley.
Power: self, animals, (slavery), water, steam, electrical. Agriculture:
Hunting/gathering, farming/ animal husbandry, irrigation, specialized crops, trade in kind values. Invention of weights & measures (precision!) and coins, money, currency, "finance/banking" loans, contracts.

BABY- Asexual doesn't know or care about sexual differences.
INFANT- may know there are boys and girls (momma and daddy, role models) but usually uncertain as to real differences.
CHILD- knows differences but it does not matter.
YOUTH-separation ca age 8-10 into boys (girls UGG!) & girls(BOYS YETCH!) beginning puberty cannot deal with own new sexuality - let alone opposite bisexuality.
Post Pubescent - Reintroduction to other sex ca age 14 girls age 16 boys.
COURTING- many stages (14), with closer and closer physical contact, leading to copulation.
ADULT- SEXUALLY ACTIVE. Many normal stages with more variety of stronger and stronger stimuli, experimentation in patterns, positions, etc.
POST ADULT socially sexually active. Not openly recognized, but actually practiced, past bisexuality, includes stronger experimentation in groups and with B & D (several stages from light play to stronger) into S & M with limits usually self imposed, "ownership" by marriage current custom in conflict with normality (= socio-mental disease).

NOTE If people are forced into sexuality beyond their level of growth, then they can be mentally/ psychologically harmed - this is the basis for rape being so traumatic. We normally must progress at some rate (some faster, some slower) which is individual, but generally follow the entire sequence step by step, and skipping steps, or going to far too fast may lead to permanent harm.

Abnormal sexuality (socio-mental diseases) as inflicted by sick social theories, Puritanism, celibacy, etc. We need to inoculate against these, and teach acceptable sexuality, within a large normal range - normal sexual behavior. The sickness includes ignorance, secrecy,  and "dirty" hidden sexuality.




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