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  The sexual progression which individuals follow does not appear to be followed by civilizations as a whole.  This is an individual thing, with people in all stages of the progression being present at all times within any society.  

   NORMAL SEXUAL PROGRESSION shown with Maturity Scale

Maturity        (lettered a,b,c,.. sequence from "courting" sequence)

scale     name  sexual development sequence

 1 Baby         1 Sexless infant unaware of sexuality

 2 Toddler      2 Differentiation, barely knows there are boys & girls

 3 Child        3 Roles, knows there is difference, not sure what, why

 4 Youth        4 Separation/isolation puberty can't handle sexuality

 5 Adolescent   5 Reconciliation, attempt understand opposite sex

  a eye-body      start of courting sequence, lower case letters,a,b,c..    b eye-eye    

 6 Boy-Girl     6 Introductory, talking, getting re-acquainted

  c voice-voice

 6a, b, c, Young man or young woman

  d hand-hand   7 First physical contact, holding hands

  e arm-shoulder

  f arm-waist  

 6d, e, f   Young gentleman young lady

  g mouth-mouth Kissing,

  h hand-head  

  i hand-body  

 6g Transitional8 Light Petting

  j hand-breast

  k mouth-breast9 Heavy petting

  l hand-genital

  m masturbation10 Mutual petting,  to climax

  n oral-genital10a Fellatio and Cunnilingus, 69

  o gen.-genital10b Contact without actual coitus

  p First sexual11a First intercourse,  coitus, defloration

  q Sex Active  11 Copulation, "going all the way"  

 7 Adult        12 Sexually active, regular contact, "addiction"

 Experienced    13 Varieties, experimentation, variation on theme

 Maturity       14 Fantasy, wilder mental variations

 Active Maturity15 Acting out fantasies, bondage, stronger stimuli

 Middle age     16 Strongest stimuli M/F role reversal, Masochism

 Late middle age17 Failing Routine, min exertion for max results

 8 Elderly      18 Failing frequency, lower hormone levels "tired"

 8b Old age     19 Failing faculties, declining sexual experience


  The above is a combination of three slightly different progressions. The maturity sequence from Baby to Old Age actually contains a sexual progression implicitly in it, but not explicitly.  The courting sequence is also a part of the sexual sequence, but with more details than the sexual sequence. The overall sexual progression with all the detailed steps is a generalization. Some individuals may "hang up" and stop progression at some stage.  Any given individual may deviate from this sequence to a greater or lesser degree.  Some people skip some stages, or slightly alter the sequence. However, the seqence does serve as a generality, and perhaps is 95% accurate for most people who follow it, with the exception of people who stop progressing.



  A partial explanation for homosexuality - Homosexuals, at least in part - have entered into the separation stage at puberty, and have not been able to learn to handle their own sexuality, to say nothing of the opposite sex's problems, and thus have not been comfortable with re-joining with or reestablishing relations with the opposite sex into heterosexuality.  The same can be said of Celibacy in Religions.  The religions themselves have not been able to handle heterosexuality,  and thus promote separation and celibacy because they can not openly deal with that next step. The classical marriage vows for example illustrate this,  they use euphemism rather than plain language, and fail to establish clearly just what IS being contracted, what sexual conduct IS really expected, "you may now kiss the Bride" really meaning "you may now copulate with the Bride", and so on. Can you imagine the couple consummating the marriage right then and there, rather than the symbolic kiss which represents the real copulation which is actually being agreed to! (Perhaps we should do that- at least it would bring sex out of the closet, and emphasize what it is all about).


  Even more to the point our society has a socio-mentally disease, the contagion of which started with the Puritans. Let us define what is meant by a socio-mental disease. A disease harms the person who has it, - in this case the harm happens because of mental attitudes and lies, conflicts with reality, implanted and encouraged by society. The harm in this case includes a lack of normal sexual progression. For example the tabu against exposure of the female breast helps cause untold misery. Women if any difference should be encouraged to bare their breasts!  In polynesia where girls habitually go topless, they rarely if ever have any problems with nursing new babies. Skin exposed to sun and air is far healthier than skin kept covered at all times. The white pallor of hidden skin is not healthy skin.  In this the nudest have gone to an extreme, but hidden (or perhaps NOT hidden) under their extreme stance they do have a valid point. The breast exposure tabu causes untold problems in breast feeding infants, which in turn promotes infant disease such as allergies and early susceptibility to many childhood diseases.  The mother's milk normally should provide many immunities.  Mother's milk also is far superior to man made substitutes. It also usually is sterile and comes attractively packaged in handy containers with just the right temperature for feedings in the middle of the night. Infant-mother bonding also is promoted by nursing. Yet this tabu makes such difficult. The mothers also increase their risk of breast cancer approximately 10 fold from 11.8%  for total population down to 1.2% for women who have nursed an infant or infants 18 cumulative months. It also in my opinion makes all too many women more neurotic, less a real woman, and is destructive of family and family values.

   Thus all sexual tabus are suspect.  They must be treated; however, with rationality as there are reasons for most customs. Customs that have prevailed for centuries against competing customs usually have something to recommend them. But religions in general promote stability and reject change. Thus individual chnages that should be made are not made because of religious inhibitions. All existing religions today fail to handle sexual maturity adequately. Because of this failure they

also must be changed and modified to include mature sexual ethics.

There are numerous other sequences of these three types. These include:




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