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Synchronisms  from  Socio Mathematics and Cyclic History, Page   128,   © 1970  James H.L. Lawler



Akurgal of Lagash son of Ur-Nina defeated and killed Ush of Umma and the king of Kish and be­came King of Akkad and Sumer


Eannadu signed treaty with Umma (probably King Enakali) and defeated Elam


Eannadu I brother to Eannadu fought Urlumma of Umma the son of Enakali as Urlumma broke the treaty


Entemena killed Urlumma and conquered Umma Bur-Sin of Ur had viceroy Zariku at Ashirt?


Lugalzagesi of Umma conquered Urukagina of Lagash in 6th year of Urukagina's reign (ca 2400 BC) and then Lugalzagesi moved his capital to Erech


Sharrum akin (Saragon) (2371-2310) of Agade and Kish overthrew Lugaizagesi of Erech


Naram-Sin defeated Mani of Magan the city of Apirsu and King Rish-Adad and sacked the Temple of Kish, then the Gutians defeated him or Shar­Galisharri and destroyed Agade founding a dynasty at Lagash under Gutian control

Utu-hengal of Erech (2120-2114) defeated the Gutians

Ur-Nammu of Ur became independent of Utu-hengal and founded the dynasty of Ur

Ibbi-Suen (Thi-sen) was overcome in the 13th year of his reign by Elam and Ur was sacked (2006)

Ishbi-Erra~a foreigner from Man  became King of Isin in 12 Ibi-sen

Ilushuma prince of Assyria was contemporary with Sumu-Abu of Babylon and his son Irshum I was a great grandson of Saragon I of Agade.

Gungunum of Larsa became ruler of Ur peacefully and held it under the reigns of Ishme-Dagen and Libit-Ishtar of Isin both of whom had daughters as High priestess at Ur



llu-Shuma of Assyria contemporary with Sumu-abum of Babylon

Sumu-ilum was contemporary with Sumu-abum at Babylon and Larsa

Ilu-Shuma of Assyria contemporary of Suma-la-ilu of Babylon

The cities of Kazallu and Mutiabal took Larsa and ended the dynasty there and Kudurmabuk of Elam put his son Warad-Sin on the throne of Larsa

Isin was conquered by Rim-Sin (1822-1763) of Larsa, brother of Warad-Sin

Shamshi-Adad was son of Ila-kabkabu who ruled only a small state and allied his state to Yaggid Lim of Mari but later fought him

Yahdun-Lim son of Yaggid-Lim of Mari was killed in a Palace revolution and Shamshi-Adad of Assyria made his son Yasmah-Adad king for 17 years until replaced by Zimiri-Lim legitimate heir.

All are mentioned as being contemporary: Hammur-abi of Babylon, Rim-Sin of Larsa,  Ibal-pi-el of Eshnunna, Amut-pi-el of Qatanum and Yarim Lin of Yamhad.

In the 29th year of Hammurabi, he defeated a combine of Elam, Mari & Eshnunna replacing Zimri-Lim of Mari in year 31 when he tried to rebel

In year 30 of Hammurabi, he conquered Rim Sin of Larsa

In year 35, Hammurabi took Zimri-Lim of Mari (note conflict with 31)

Yasmah-Adad wrote to brother Ishme-Daganof Assyria

Puzun Ashir IV of Assyria made a treaty with Bura-Buriash I of Babylon

Shamish-Adad died in the 10th year of Hammurrabi;

Sealands reconquered after 200 years under reign of Kashtiliash III by his brother Ulamburiash who became next king ca 1450 BC

Synchronisms p 130

Agum II returned the statue of Marduk to Babylon 24 years after the sack of that city by Mursilis in the 13th year of Samsu-ditana

Thutmose III current with Saussatar of Mitanni

Burna Buriash of Babylon made a treaty with Puzum-Ashir IV of Assyria

Thuthmose IV (1472-1440) received daughter. of Artatama of Mitanni and tribute from Ashur-Rabi I of Assyria

Amenophis III (Amenhotep III) (1406-1370) contem­porary of Shuttarna II who ended rule 1390 BC

Kara-indash (1445 1426) sent a princess to Amenophis III (1406-l370) and made agreement with Ashur-Rim-Nishesahiu (1416-1408)

Kurigalzu I also corresponded with Amenophis Ill

Kurigalzu I fought Elam successfully

Tushratta of Mitanni fought Shuppiluliuma and was contemporary of Akhenaten of Egypt

Burnaburiash II complaned to Aken Aton when Ashur-uballit I of Assyria was accepted as allowed to have an independent ambassador to Egypt

Ashur-uballit married his daughter of Kara-indash of Babylonia

Shattuara I of Mitanni defeated by Adad-nirari I and after rebellion also Wasashatta

Shalmaneser conquered Shattuara II and reduced Mitanni

Enlil-nirari of Assyria fought Kurigalzu III of Babylon - -  -

Adad nirari I won battles against Nazi-maruttash Tukulti-Ninurta carried off statue of Marduk from Babylon to Assyria

Enlil-kudur-usur fought Adad- shum-Nasir of Babylon and Ninurta-apal-Ekur (1192) seized the throne of Ashur for 13 (3 in another place) years at that time

Fixed date: 15th of June 763 BC (eclipse of sun) in year of Eponym Bur-Sagale or 9th year of Ashur Dan (III) of Assyria




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