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A PROGRESSION OF VALUES  11 NOV 1995 James H. L. Lawler    see  IJS

This is a preliminary note - It is obvious to me that there is a progression of values, but at this time it is an incomplete analysis. The progression probably is even more basic than mathematics for example since it appears to stem from the more basic animal roots, and progresses into the human attributes, not shared with other animals.

     The primary value must be life itself. Without that all other values are meaningless, however that does not mean that other values can not mean more than life itself. It is just that existence, life is necessary in order to have any other value. It is the yardstick by which all other values must be measured.


Much earlier I made a list of values in order of importance which included (more or less):

A) Existence of the Universe,

B) Existence of the Galaxy

C) Existence of our solar system

D) Existence of Earth, and the conditions that make Earth habitable

E) All living forms- without life in general the more specialized terms below also cannot have value.

F) Plants which are needed for the below

G) Higher animals, all in order of complexity in some sort of general priority

H) Mankind in general, (would one want to live as the only man without hope or future?)

I) Self existence - your own life.- This, your own self worth,  is the primary "yardstick from which all other values arise.

J) This leads to the conditions that are necessary for life

     1) Air or more properly oxygen -(for plants CO2) the ability to breathe, which is the first thing that a newborn baby seeks.

     2) FOOD- this seems to be a primary value- the second thing that a baby seeks usually is food.  This value is so important that primitive many animals value nothing but food.

     3) Temperature control, the baby also needs to be kept in a viable temperature range. I place this third since we usually do not think about it, and being far out of acceptable range certainly would place this as second since it could kill, but normally this is relegated to third place.

     4) Comfort factors, perhaps an absence of pain is a negative way of saying this. The baby needs to be "changed" - dry and clean - so that it is comfortable.

     5) TOUCH in the human interaction sense - people need to be touched, held, cuddled, petted, - mankind is gregarious and the babies who were just fed and stuffed into a bassinet certainly were FAR less healthy than those who were held, cuddled and generally made to feel wanted. mankind is gregarious, and as adults we seem to have forgotten this value. WE NEED TO TOUCH MORE!

     6) Experience, sensory input, -hearing, eyes, touch etc, the 5 senses (or more) relating self to "reality".

     7) Control over our local environment, to learn to control our eyes, then hands, feet, etc. eventually including locomotion, walking, or just movement in some lower animals.

     8) Curiosity, we need to control and increase sensory input- to learn to learn so to speak - to learn abstract patterns, then how to connect them into related patterns so as form hypothesis, to make predictions, etc. (this follows scientific method)

     9) Touch in a curiosity sense, the first thing a baby does is to stuff a new object into his or her mouth to "sample it" to see if it fills the basic need for food. But touch, soft versus harsh; warm versus cold etc. are also basic values. These also overlap into comfort.

     10) Attention, we all need to be talked to, even in a non-communicative sense. We need to be acknowledged that we exist.

     11) Communication, we need to communicate with others, and to learn from them as well as direct experience. This is schooling, and mental progression in another self controlled conscious level.

     12) The conscious evaluation of A through I above (actually usually in the REVERSE order of importance ; however, as opposed to the existence of the value but without conscious recognition, animals may have the assumption without cognition.

K) LIBERTY (give me liberty or give me death).and SECURITY freedom from Violence or threat of VIolence

L) PROPERTY - first "My" then also "others" -- first family the eventually more remote

M) Freedom of thought / religion and mental progress. communications (both ways)

N) Truth, as opposed to lies. distortions of mental pictures distortion of reality

O) Growth, both physically and mentally.

P) Sexuality, this one section implies the whole progression of sexuality, and changing sexual values; but sex itself is a value.

Q) Reproduction, the urge to reproduce in places can exceed the value of individual life itself, for example in Salmon, to other lower forms that breed and die. This is racial survival being more important than individual survival, but this also is a conscious value in humans, at a progression level roughly at this position.

R) Nurturing, the passing of abilities, thoughts, patterns, and skills on to the next generation, and interaction of self with collective humanity. This can vary from rearing one's own children to altruism and teaching other people and other people's children.

S) Noninterference- the subtle value of letting others do what they believe, allowing them to make their own errors and to learn (hopefully!) from them. This may include gentle persuasion trying to convince them of their error, help is always allowed, but in the extreme it also is letting others go to hell after their own mind and desires.



Six Types of Love, The Levels of Interaction, J.H.L. LAWLER revised 1996

All Love starts with self love. It is the basis from which all else derives, and is measured. One person can not interact except with himself. Knowing one's self in part by meditation, and introspection; however, is a valid self interaction. One point has no breadth, it is a solitary point. Self value, self esteem, self worth is this reference point, Proportional to 1/r if removed from self.

Two body interaction is linear. Any two points form a line in geometry. The polar interactions in physics represent two body interactions. These are charge, gravity, and have the form of force inversely proportional to the square of the distance. In human relations this is the male-female polar interaction. The emotion of love the eros or erotic sexual love pertains to this interaction.

Three person love  is Parental/Child Love. Three body interactions are planar, any three points  (not in one line) establishing a plane. The Strong Nuclear force is one such interaction in physics, and note that it is destructive of the nucleus causing radioactive decay. The force shorter range than the two body interaction and is inversely proportional to the sixth power of distance.  Three body interactions in general are destructive of stability, and in human affairs this also is true. The "eternal triangle" begets jealousy, and/ or envy and destroys linear polar relationships. Even a baby, the natural consequence of polar male-female interaction, can be destructive of the two person- polar marriage type relationships. This force can be overcome by other forces; however, and learning to manage the disruptive force is part of nature's way of teaching us. Learning to control and totally overcome jealousy  is one of the highest human accomplishments. Tangible Values lie in this field also. We compare one item to another and establish a scale of worth, I evaluate and A is worth more than B; (three things I, A and B). Yet there are other intangible values which transcend this childish sort of value system. I do not disparage it, it is a necessary step on the way to the other higher values.  But I also wish to focus on the other value systems as more valuable in this precise sense in three value field. The binding part of the three interaction includes PARENTAL LOVE, the maternal instinct, the love of the mother for her child, (which must include a father), the love of the father for the family, and love of child for parents; In general in this form is the most stabilizing influence in  nature. It is asexual, not excluding sexuality, but transcending it.


The four body interaction is spacial. Four points in general establishes a volume in a tetrahedron (assuming that they are not linear or all co-planar). This force in physics is the weak nuclear force, inversely proportional to distance to the twelfth power. It can be either attractive or repulsive, but in nature it is the force that holds the nuclei together, and makes atoms and matter possible. It is a very short range force, but powerful enough to overcome and dominate both the two & three body interactions under proper circumstances. In human relationships this term can be summarized as brotherly love, philos, in Greek, as opposed to eros or learning to value others, both for similarities and for diversity. It starts out at love of a sibling for the sibling, involving a four body (mother- father-brother or sister- and self) relationship. That is by the way a good argument for having more than one child in a family. 

The five body interaction is hyperspacial, going into time. It is AGAPE love. Five points not in one volume, transcend three space. The fifth point can be into time. The distances are inversely proportional to distance to the twentieth power, i.e. extremely short range compared to the prior interactions. In Einsteinian (or more properly Lorenz) physics the terms in interval, I, defined as

  I 2 = X2 + Y2 + Z2 - C2T2(or in a contra terrene universe +C2T2) are in five fold relationships.

In love terms this is agape love, love of all related peoples, your extended family of aunts, uncles, cousins, etc., and should include all mankind if one's perspective is sufficiency broad. In a narrow sense this may be patriotism, and love of the tribe, of a more limited community.


The so called ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) falls into this category. Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Precognition, and so on operate with a five fold interaction. The mind itself and things "spiritual" operate in this way. Note that since it is hyperspacial, neither time nor distance constrain it. My mind is not limited by the laws of space-time. I can not get from here to Tau Ceti, some 9.6 light years away, in less than 9.6 years (relative to Earth). But my mind in the act of saying this sentence jumped here to there and back. The word simultaneous meaning at the same time, gets in to relativistic trouble at large distances. But within the field of five fold interactions, it does have meaning in that it relates to an event chain which is not constrained by time. History, for example is five fold, and not real in the spacial sense.. it lies out of detection by the five senses in another plane, and thus is not subject to experimental determination.


Our whole social structure depends on history. We tend to place great credence on "old" written records, the Bible in particular, or El Koran. Yet there are older books, The Book of the Dead which comes to mind predates both of the above to 2500 BC, several millennia. Yet we ignore it.


New thoughts have not been tested with use and time. For that reason they must be reserved for higher skepticism.  But that also does not alter their value if true. They can be tested against history and historic facts, and thus validated.  The decisions always must lie in each person's mind, in the mental or spiritual realm.  Most people abdicate mental self control and self determinations in favor of "authority", the tests other people have made.  That has worked for millions even billions of people. Yet it also has allowed the persecutions, the "Divine right of Kings", the Spanish inquisition, the Jihad of Islam, and the purges of political power struggles. "Authority" is slightly better than nothing, but it is NOT the perfect way, it lacks perfection and we are told to seek perfection. Thus we also must seek new things a well as old which are known to be flawed.


Thus the five fold force includes FAITH, HOPE, CHARITY type LOVE, (AGAPE) and many other emotions. Planning for the future is five fold. Thus the maturity which develops as people learn to plan further and further into the future is five fold. None of these can be seen, or detected by the five senses. They are mental or spiritual in nature, but are far more valuable than the first tangible values which we learn to hold/value and love. Biblically speaking we were told to seek after these values.


Six fold interactions I am just beginning to understand. They transcend time itself.. ETERNAL LOVE- or GODLY LOVE.  This may well be beyond comprehension of any near descendent of man. At any rate it can be defined, and exists, and it is something to strive to understand.


NOTE: that there have been six distinct values,types of LOVE, mentioned:

1) Self love, which is the reference point from which all other love starts


2) Eros, Sexual love, starting with self and expanding to two people


3) Material Value, comparative love, evaluation, jealousy, both attractive and repulsive


4) Philos "brotherly love, Asexual love which subsumes and includes sexual, comparative love.


5) CHARITY type Love, AGAPE. This is the level required for HSP/ ESP Psinergy, love of related family, in a broad sense all mankind and people in general. It can include animals and other living things, pets, etc. but that is six fold love below in a real understanding of Loves.


6) In addition GODLY LOVE exists, it is eternal, and includes love of all nature. Lesser loves are frequently mistaken for this greatest of all loves, but at least we can "taste" it by this means.











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