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            A         Verge of writing, knotted strings, memory boards etc.

            B          purely Pictographs - mostly nouns

            C          Primitive Ideographs with adjectives and verbs, sentences

            I)          Systematic ideograph, still mostly concrete, few abstracts                                

            E          Systematic "Hierog1yphics", many abstracts, sounds, concepts

            F          More complex combine combinations made from shorter common ideographs.

            G1        Faster shorter glyphs, "shorthand" like Demotic Hieratic.

            G2        Pre-alphabetic, 50-100 common symbols dominant,

            G3        Mixed diphthongs, more symbols than needed (Hiragana Katakana)

            H         Fully alphabetic, lacks some symbols, and inconsistencies

            I1         Consistent alphabets.                                                                                               

            12        Replacing ideographs with alphabet

            13        Upper I Lower case, and punctuation.

            J1         Vulgate simplified language replacing complex "Patrician

            J2         Divergence from "mother" i.e. Spanish/French etc. from Latin

            K1       Growth by assimilation and borrowing foreign words

            K2       Spoken and written consistent, spoken   written


Any one person learns the writing appropriate for his own times. People rarely learn prior systems, unless they are a historian, and thus people become more skilled in any one system, but do not follow the progression that civilizations follow. All civilizations seem to follow this sequence,  but not necessarily at the same rate, and the cultures are certainly not at the same stage at the same time. The Incas for example had only knotted memory cords - pre-pictographs - when they were contacted by the Spanish with a phonetically consistent alphabet (but totally lacking some FONETIK sounds).  This is one of  the  most anachronistic contacts that comes to mind.


But people also follow a progression within their own language, learning more and more skills.   So they DO progress, but it is a different progression from the above socio-progression.





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