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This is a link to downloadable genealogy files.

Most of these are in a specific format that works with Personal Ancestor File (PAF)  verson 5.2,  5.1   or 5.0 and only that. 

If storage room and web bandwidth were not a major factor, these would have been in GED format (Genealogical Exchange of Data)  so as to accommodate numerous other programs.  But in order to compress the files to minimal size they are in the form of     compressed backup files that will be restored when you use "RESTORE" in PAF 4.0 or higher.  They were made in PAF 5.2

You may download PAF 5.2 from  the LDS site as a free program. The basic program is about  9.6 megs ad will take the better part of an hour for those using a modem.  I is available from    Go to the site, in the upper right of the main page go to "purchase and download" and select PAF 5.2 PROGRAM, (not user manual and instructions).  Place that into a new folder called PAF in your C drive with a sub file data where you will download the files from this site.   Once you have the PAF rpgram it will self install PAF-UTILITY and .exe program  and I highly recommend you place a short cut on your desktop.

GED format would be more universal, but takes about 5 times the room and download time.  What is compressed here to 4 megs would be over 15 megs and that gets intolerable.  The .PAF data files also are of similar size, and you will be working with those from the unzipped file. They should appear in eth data files.




The LAWLER master file is over 45,000 names as of this date.  It links many aunts, uncles and cousins but is more of a pedigree file.  For the more remote relationships I have files dedicated to one surname.  There is duplication in that the master file will  have all the direct pedigree family group names from the surname files, BUT the surname files will have many MANY more people of that surname than the master file.  Example there are some 8000 names in Compton, but only about 700 of those are in Master file.

The extreme is  PITMAN  PITTMAN where one name Rachel Pitman appears in master file but about 1700 are in the Pitman file.  I am still trying to link my known direct ancestor Rachel to her parents.

The master file is cluttered up with more than 10,000 STOUT  and 2,000 LEE names, and I really need to un-clutter them  into specific single surname  files. If you want there is a smaller file without the STOUT surname in full  detail.




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