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Religions are based upon BELIEF.  That which we can perceive, using observation does not belong to Religion, but rather to Science.  Science and the scientific method  deals neither with things which we can not observe. nor with things which are not reproducible.  For something to be scientific it must be both observable, and  reproducible.

Thus the domain of science and the domain of religion are clearly set, and mutually exclusive. However, as we progress more things fall into science, as we have more and better observations,  and thus these are are removed from speculation and  religion.

Religion and politics also do not mix. Allowing either to get mixed into the other  is always a recipe for disaster. This mixture of belief which can not be proven with behavioral rules which all are observable is a sure way to restrict freedom, close options for beneficial and productive behavior, and worse restrict behavior to stagnant and UNREAL patters. If you cannot prove it, then you must not try to control it until you know what you are doing. The odds of being wrong are MUCH greater than of being right.

GOD      = GOOD    AND/ OR      EVIL

ANTONYMS  James H.L. Lawler   1987 revised 1994,1999


In order to be able to recognize the works of God (to be more like Him) and of Satan (things to be avoided) I found it desirable to make a list of the characteristics of both.


GOD                                                   Satan

God is Love                                       Hate

God is Truth                                       father of all lies

Glory is intelligence                          Thrives on and promotes ignorance

Orderly, decreasing entropy            disorderly, increasing entropy

Creator                                              destroyer

Eternal (outside space-time)            temporal

(Is, was, and ever will be)                 get it now! Irresponsibility.

Future, makes plans                          has no future, here-now-only

Open, public, accessible                    secret, hidden, private, inaccessible

Light                                                      darkness

Merciful                                                 vengeful, spiteful, threatening

Just                                                       unjust

Benevolent                                           malevolent

Giving, Graceful                                   selfish, jealousy, envy, niggardly, greed,

 won't steal/ gyp others                       thief, taking, possessiveness

gave life, separate existence            conspires to kill, murder, enslave

gave our unique identity                     conspires to remove, destroy identity

gave ability to observe                       confounds observation, trickery, illusion

gave memory, history                         here-now; no past (and no future)

gave ability to reason                         unreason, illogical, irrational

gave ability to choose                        Unquestioning obedience, unethical

 knowledge good and evil                  enslavement, wants power over others

free agency,                                     limited choices force, power, enslavement, "government"(!)

self responsibility                                 irresponsible, BLAME, blame someone else!

non-interference                                   incessant interference, pervasive

operates by laws, rules                     magic, miracles, un-lawful, avoids rules and uses mysticism, get something for nothing

consistent, unchanging                       changeable, inconsistent

quiet, unobtrusive                                 boisterous, aggressive, belligerent

 "invisible"                                             chrome and tinsel, flagrant.

gentle persuasion                                contentious, argumentive, controversy

self-confidence                                    vanity, pride (false), pomposity,Guilt, Shame

INNOCENCE, "without sin"                 Sin, repeat offenses, lack of conscience

Conscience, right wrong                     "there is no right or wrong", permissive

Responsibility = Reward                    Get something for nothing, separation of reward from responsibility for actions

Sexual, = Sex is good                        Asexual, Androgynous, (homosexual?) turns sex into something "dirty", to be hidden, demeaning, as opposed to highest human function.

Reproduction ("in his own image")      Abortive, selfish can not value children          Not all of Father's kids turned out         CHILDLESS, a dead end. (hates children) (So why should yours be any better?)

Patient  long suffering                              Abrupt, impatient, intolerant

Simple -true - plain                                   Complexity, contorted, gaudy

Values                                                        If it looks to be too good to be true, it is





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