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 Transfer to a  A PROGRESSION OF ETHICS BY AGE  as learned

PROGRESSION general                          PROGRESSION OF RELIGIONS

A definition of what is Ethical and what is unethical in order of priority / usual sequence practiced


by James H.L. Lawler Texas Nov 1999

Ethics (B) (9 topics split by 4 Phases = 36 steps in progression)


RIGHT           Crime Sin unethical    practice      4  phases "justified for"

1 Life                          ¦ Murder                      ¦           A Individual / Self gain

2 Safety                      ¦ Violence                   ¦           B Society- reject self gain

3 Liberty(action)        ¦ Slavery                      ¦           C "Higher cause" reject social use

4 Property                  ¦ Theft                          ¦           D total rejection of bad ethic

5 Freedom(thought)  ¦ Social pressure      

6 Truth                        ¦ Lies        

7 Noninterference     ¦ Inflicting values on others

8 Preservation           | Destruction

9 Creativity                 | Stagnation   

examples of bad ethic and progression:

1A Killing for self gain, 1B killing for good of "majority" (War, cannibalism), 1C human sacrifice for "gods" 1D reject murder totally.

2A Violence for personal purposes, 3A Violence for social purposes, 2C Violence for religious persecution, rejection of primary physical and mental violence for any purpose.

3A Slavery for private gain, 3B Slavery for society (draft), 3C slavery for religion or "the cause", 3D) reject slavery totally.

4A Stealing for self-gain, 4B) Stealing for society (taxes given to benefit others) 4C) Stealing for religion (usually hidden as tithes), 4D) reject stealing totally.

5A) Individual tyranny, 5B) Unnecessary (usually silly or stupid) mandatory social customs, 5C) Arbitrary Religious "taboos", 5D) Reject all customs or morals that are not fully voluntary and that are not really required.

6A) Lies for self gain (note not just keeping information to self, as information has value, telling FALSE information, disinformation), 6B) Lies for social gains (governmental disinformation, secrets), 6C) Religious lies, (anti-science) refusal to face truths that conflict with theory. 6D) rejection of all lies, reject all intentional mental distortions of reality.

7A) Individual interference, forcing individual values on others, 7B) forcing of social values (customs, "mores" in French) on others, 7C) forcing unproven or unprovable religious values on others, and 7D) totally rejecting forced values, interference in mental value systems (note this does NOT preclude "gentle persuasion" trying to convince others of your values, particularly by example, & voluntary listening /learning, but it does reject use of force, or any social pressures).

8A) Destruction for personal pleasure/reason, 8B) Destruction for social reasons (war), 8C) Destruction for Higher purposes, and 8D) total rejection of irrational destruction for any reason.(note one sometimes must clear the old to make way for new, that is creative, but net must be positive value)

9A) Individual creativity for sake of fame, 9B) Creativity for sake of groups (group fame), 9C) creativity for high purpose, and finally Creativity for its own sake. Note Creativity has no real negative, just lack of progress


Social Progression of Religions

 (Letters below refer to steps in 700 year cycles)

AB   Multiple "spirits" for trees, rocks, etc. anthropomorphism

C    Fewer spirits with more limitations, totems, Animism

D    Idols, Polytheism, inconsistent followed by consistent

EF   Unseen manlike gods, polytheism, inconsistent/consistent stages

G    Unseen spirits, only a few gods tending to monotheism

H    Unseen God(s), monotheism rule by fear, thou shalt NOTS

I    Unseen god, positive motivation love, heaven, miracles

J    Admission existence of God can not be proven (nor disproved)

K2   REALISM separation of beliefs (unprovables-never observed)    from actions and observations /things that can be observed



                   (contemporary Christian trends)

1    Magical beings, Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Bogeyman, action by          magic and word, "create" not following observed rules.

2    Confused Idols, Icons, statues, etc. (Confused trinity mess)

3Anthropomorphism, ("Jesus loves me" stage) Hell fire and fear control, negative don'ts

4Promotion from a person like entity to a spirit god, positive reward seeking undefined "heaven" for actions now.

5    "Magical", "Mysteries" initiation into "lodge";complex rituals

          (FAITH-don't ask) swamp people in dogma so won't think

6Kept busy with good work, social club, following pattern, followers and leaders game for political power. Hierarchy

7Frequently skepticism, cynicism, from inconsistent lies and false claims to perfection and speak for god - thinking.

7b   {Deviation - shift to Atheism from disillusionment from lies}

8-9Individual very inconsistent versions of partial REALISM, since there is no consistent source, it is not taught at Universities etc. and probably not even understood, particularly by the so called experts or theologians.



                A PROGRESSION OF ETHICS BY AGE      Jan 1993  J.H.L.Lawler

ETHICS is defined as Human Interactions, and Considering the Harm or Benefit to Others

age           Stage   description  Consideration,    Motivation,   Rule,:   Human interactions,    Value systems

                                                       C                             M                  R            H                                     V

 0-1          1              Consideration 1 Self centered ONLY: I want NOW.

                                Motivation by needs, later curiosity !!!

                                Human interactions: property no concept property - only I want it  -

                                VALUE  pleasure - pain  not even sure object exists to fill needs.

1-2           2              C 2-5 Beginning to consider mother perhaps father immediate family

                                RULES: obeys simple rules to avoid pain/ unpleasant results.

                                M: Curiosity investigation restricted by negative reward; punishments mostly.

                                H: beginning to understand concept of property - Mother’s Daddy’s Sister’s

                                V: Learning value; knows “exists” or not;  understands we don’t have, learning later

2-4           3              C:5-10 Expand include siblings a few friends-cooperation

                                RULES obeys arbitrary rules, punishment or reward for bad or good behavior

                                M: beginning to respond to Positive reward motivation.

                                V: first simple comparative values - materialistic.

3-5           AB          C:5-50 including extended family (aunts, uncles, cousins) more friends 

                                R: recognition of “mine” and theirs in property rights - but takes things they want 

                                M: concept “SHARE”

                                H: knows about property but may ignore it,

                                V:limited comparative value system

5-6           C             C: 10-100 expands to include school mates - close community

                                R: (animism)/ Recognition of rights of others outside peers (Your rights

                                                depend on recognition of other’s rights).

                                M: fear of spirits -boogyman, things not understood.

                                H: human sacrifice OK for imagined benefit of self or for gain of peer local group .

                                V: beginning to recognize value in LIFE of other humans and animals values

7-9           D             C: 30-500 expanded consideration. of whole tribe- village 4-6 km radius; 

                                R: mostly thou shalt not laws (if you don’t want it done to you don’t do it to others)

                                M: fear physical punishment,

                                Human sacrifice even “sisters” etc. OK for “family” good (Cannibalism mentality)

                                                “Sacrifice the good of the few for the good of the many”.

                                V values intangible approval of core family - peers

10-11  E  C: 3-5,000 county/20 km radius-

                                Motivation fear of censure verbal social controls

                                R: understands basic social rules and beginning to ask why control by guilt, usually,

                                                not physical punishment,

                                H: reject human sacrifice within tribe, but sacrifice of strangers (US and THEM) still used 

                                V: values includes spirits religious hereafter - fear of God

11-12  F  C: 10-50,000/100 km radius 

                                M: life of others valued,  but slavery (them not us) OK

                                R: more rules -more why - beginning to understand injustices of system 

                                H: end of tolerating human sacrifice, self centered, but recognition of rights of

                                                others- particularly peer group -

                                V: life of others valued,  but slavery (group -them not us mentality) OK

12-13  G  C: ca 105 city/state

                                M: intangible negative motivation, shame modesty,

                                R: peer equality rights -control by fear “thou shalt NOT” laws,

                                H: self aggrandizement, pecking orders - fraternity/ social groups manhood ritual clubs

                                V: Freedom - or start to reject slavery, forced working for other’s benefit.

14-15  H  C:2-4x105

                                                M: change  NEGATIVE to positive motivation,

                                R: concept of un-provable future punishment hell (fear) for disobeying authority or laws.

                                peer approval important can go as far as self mutilation, others life respected more & more

15-16  I   C: 106-1000 km radius

                                Concern for others, not laws dominates thinking seeking freedom

                                M: seeks peer approval more than family usually,

                                H: add sexual love to philos, action for intangible future rewards (Heaven)

                                                End of acceptability of slavery

                                V: Heaven and approval of God and peers becoming paramount.

16-17  J   C: continental land masses- homogeneous groups of people

                                R: rebellion against rules/laws

                                H: positive rewards Concern for one of other sex dominates motivation, \

                                H: group conformism, emotionalism, mass psychology, joining hierarchy, charisma important.

                                V:  include guilt trips, Grace, FREEDOM of thought and action

18-22 Ka C: 107 Nationalism Racial identification with big group(s), 

                                R:  conformity enforced by bureaucracy,

                                M: sacrifice of self to group encouraged

                                H: altruism, desire to merge with society as a whole

                                V: individual desire to be part of whole, Women want children (Military & Marriage).

20-24 Kb C: racism ending

                                R: self suppression - bottom of adult pyramid must conform to advance

                                Altruism- major consideration of their own Children Mother (father) love

                                H: some people willing to sacrifice themselves for others or “THE cause”, 

                                                True Believer,  save the world movements

                                V: DIVERSITY All humans equal fallacy, Animal rights acknowledged but flawed desire  good

                                                without experience.

22-26 Kc C: 108 all humanity

                                R: self determinism & self responsibility, cynicism, rejection hierarchy, organizations,

                                M: do it myself,

                                H: REJECTION of War, disillusionment with imperfections,  skepticism, rejection of other’s

                                                 conclusions control,

                                V: re-asserting re-finding self after merger

                                (Realization Children are NUISANCE Frequently - but not always - leads to Divorce)

22-28 Kc2               (Frequent disorder symptom, not always) OVER REACTION REJECTION of Society, withdrawal.

                                R: do not respect or care about laws or social rules (which they believe have failed them)

                                M: selfishness- social withdrawal -

                                H: over reaction “some is bad,  therefore all is bad” & “If I can not experience it;

                                                it doesn’t exist” fallacy, leading to atheism,

                                V: denial of deity, based on failures of theology & individuals in control can lead to suicide

24-30 La  C: 109 one world 

                                M: wont’ steal, at worst will allow others to gyp themselves by their own bad values.

                                H: understanding Homo superior  group responsibility, ability to maintain identity

                                                but still suppress self for good of group & start of collectivism, flawed still

                                                by allowing sacrifice of individual to group,

                                V: sees value in all others- AGAPE(1).Values become important ethical consideration

30-40 Lb C: group Responsibility

                                R: able to reason out and make own “laws” -age of reasoning.

                                M: collectivism (true communism- working with others as team like one person.

                                H: ejection of self immolation /sacrifice - good of all demands good of each individual

40-55 Ma                C:1010 Fragmented Realism-

                                R: save nature  from itself and rape of mankind- mankind from self (

                                M:merger of self with nature, mental separation of self from group identity

                                H: Rejects lying, mental distortion of reality,  worship of “nature”, children are miracle of

                                                nature,  mature “natural philosophy”,

                                V: Value systems and diversity of values valuable,  evaluation error less than 1% AGAPE(2)

55-65 Mb                C: group Realism-

                                M: merger of group into nature,

                                social awareness political activism, attempt to better society/nature both,

                                V: Values system selected by popular vote, extreme long range centuries-future concerns

65-75 N   R: won’t allow unequal exchange of value won’t allow others to cheat selves even.

                                H: ”Thou Art God” understanding Homo stellaris,  recognition that deity resides

                                in self and what we may become some day, awareness of group racial and self potentials,

                                V: Refusal to force own values on others, TRUTH, fraction error less than 0.001(0.1%)

75-85  O  H: understanding of Stellaris primus  rejection or ultimate acceptance of need for

                                stagnation and death,  beginning of rejection of power and “fame”

                                V: TRUTH prediction error less than 0.01% concern for millennia/ eons races future and past.

85-100 P H: understand Stellaris secundus, Rejection of visible fame, power, seek

                                maximal results from minimal effort, use of mental versus physical

                                effects, use of subtlety,

                                V: error less than ppm part per million)




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