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Fixed Dates in Egypt
CYCLES 700,45, 10
26.2 MY Mass Extinctions
The Scientific Method
Global Warming
Species Homo +
Climate El Nino
Social Entropy
Ethics (& Religion)
ESP, PSI, CHI, etc.
Quantization of Space Time






The Nexial Institute exists in two forms:

1)     A non profit scientific organization dedicated to development of philosophical and scientific theory, (this is where you are now) and

2)     A Commercial component (click to go to that home page) dedicated to the development and exploitation of the technologies suggested by the scientific area.  This home page is that of the scientific non-profit component It is financially supported by the commercial part.  Ó Virtually everything here is copyrighted and may not be used (other than brief quotes giving credit to source) without written permission.

There are at least two other organizations using the name Nexial. The Nexial Institute of Colorado and Institute of NEXIALISM (ION). While these might seem to be competing, I believe that a cooperative attitude has been reached.  No real Nexialist would opt for confrontation when cooperation was possible. Links and further discussion at end of this page, with other links


 This was first proposed by AE Van Vogt in 1950 in his book Destination Universe (AKA Voyage of the Space Beagle).  The actual development has taken a course somewhat dissimilar to the fiction.  Nexialism is applied generalization, from the word Nexus – connection – putting together of facts, techniques and methods that have been separated into isolated specialties, back into a unified whole.  The invasion of chemistry via DNA into biology and overwhelming promise of Genetic Engineering is probably the best current example of this process.  The electronic invasion of Mechanical engineering with car ignition systems that last 100,000 miles is another such example.

Mankind carved nature and “natural Science” into specialties so that one person could excel in  that one small area.  But with special techniques, people can learn to handle MANY specialties, - in fact virtually every area of science and humanities to the limits of man's knowledge.  Leonardo Da Vinca was claimed to have been  “the last universal man” but that need not be true.  While a genius will always be more adept than an average man, Nexialism techniques can help produce many more geniuses, teaching people to "learn to learn" and thus It benefits anyone and everyonel.  But to quote Robert A Heinlien “All men are created unequal.”  The benefits are more profound for those who are already above average.  Below are some of the results, in outline form.  As this home page is developed each topic below will expand to a whole section, of many pages.  But at best this will be an abbreviated  “electronic encyclopedia” of information in abstract form, not the whole presentation of the concepts.

PROGRESSIONS                                                     Global Warming /  flooding

Mathematics,   ETHICS                      Glaciation /  Ice age --  Ocean  Current Changes

VALUES         MATURITY                                                 Maps showing flooding

SEXUALITY    MATERIALS                                World 60 M       ---     World 100 M

                                                                                Europe 60 M     ---    Europe 100 M

-BELIEF as part of Innovation                       North America 60 M - North America 100 M

                                                                         South America 60 M - South America 100 M

                                                                          Asia-Australia 60 M - Asia Australia 100 M





The Nexial Institute (Nexit) first appeared with the publication of  THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SCIENCE (IJS) Vol 1 © 19 April 1980.  numerous volumes have followed approximately annually, as new material warranted a new volume (example in 1997  vol 12 was completed).  The Texas office in 1994 was separated from the International office (North America), and offices in Europe and South America were opened.  These may be contacted as follow:

 Director NEXIT N.America      Director NEXIT Europe      Director NEXIT S. America

Prof. James H.L. Lawler            Lawrence Stiers                  Prof. Alfredo Palomino

9829 Heather Ave                     Marktstr.33                            PO Box 3811

El Paso, TX 79925                    97318 Kitzingen                   Lima  100  Peru


There are two distinct components to the Nexial Institute, the commercial part (click to go there) and a pure non-profit component dedicated to the advancement of man's knowledge (you are at the index for that). .



Scientific method, including Irrelevance, presented at two distinct levels: applied creativity, and deep historical philosophical levels

·        CHEMICAL ENGINEERING (Includes Petroleum)

. Organic / inorganic  and Bio-chemistry (Three levels, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and Medical Applications levels).

. Process Engineering

. Supercritical extraction of plants

. Simulation and pilot plant implementation

. Extraction of essential oils, particularly new and or fragile oils.

Tertiary (Secondary) Oil Recovery development of a proprietary process for recovery of oil from “depleted” wells. With primary recovery and secondary recovery there is still roughly half of the oil that is left in the ground. This process economically recovers to about  95% thus increasing the oil reserves of the world by doubling it.  All phases have been confirmed and only integration and final proof of production are needed.


. Carbon-Carbon, Inter-metallic alloys etc. 4 K to 3300 K


. Prevention, Remediation, Bio- Remediation, Value recovery

. Sustainable Resources, Reforestation, Preserving Genetic Diversity

. El Niño La Niña and Global Warming / Glacial melt with Oceanic level rise,         .Research on Glaciation trigger events & quantitative prediction of  future coming ice age .


. Radioactive handling both high level and low level, and waste management.

. TRU handling, criticality,

. High Level shielding, as well as conventional shielding / labyrinth design

. Safety analysis, risk assessment, and mitigation, elimination

·        AEROSPACE:


     . Use of SINDA/SIFLOW for ECS

. Designing of thermal control system for extreme environments

. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) into hypersonic speeds

. Thermal protection of severe aeroheating from 3 K / 20 K to 3000- 3500 K

. Designing of vapor chamber and other high flux cooling systems

. RF -  exhaust plume attenuation calculations

. Fluid Flow Calculations in non Newtonian fluids

. Combustion Kinetics & minimization of free energy equilibrium calculations

. Tri-propellants (H2-Lox-Be, H2 Lox Li, H2 F2 Li,  etc. including  Al also)

. Simultaneous Heat Transfer, Fluid Flow, Kinetics, Diffusion, & Mass Transfer

. Instrumental Analysis, GC, IR (near/far), Viz, AA, UV, NMR, X-Ray, several types of Mass Spec. LC, HP LC, Electron Microscope (with X Ray)i, H2-F2-Li



     . Electrical propulsion, Ion Engines,  MHD, Thermal Arc Jet propulsion, Nuclear

       Propulsion, Hybrid Chemical/Electrical TAJ and MHD

     . Space power, Solar Cells with reflective concentration for lighter weight

       higher performance, Solar Energy Rankine cycles, Small Nuclear

       Auxiliary Power SNAP systems, Nuclear Reactors, Passive Thermal Control

·        CRYOGENICS –3 K LHe, L and Slush H2, LNe, LN2, LOX, LF2, etc.


.Bio-Engineering and Genetic Engineering 

.Electro- Chemical- Mechanical Engineering


. Research of history and prehistory for cyclic patterns

      . Patterns of 45 year and of 700 years cyclic rise and of fall of civilizations

      . Dendrochronology applied to historical dating

      . Value systems: priorities in values to select actions decisions

      . Rational and Logical Philosophical basis for Evaluation of Social Actions

. Progressions,  sequences of events which follow one another

      . example: Mathematics: counting, +,-;  x,/;  geometry, algebra; exp, logs; Analytical Geom.; diff Calc, integral Calc.; vectors, diff eq., matrix, tensors, etc.

      .  Ethics, Both qualitative and quantitative Ethical patterns

      . Values

      . Religion

      .  Language structure

      . Sexuality

      . Social Structure

      . “Engineering” methods /architecture

      .  materials

.Research in Genealogy  experience more than 40 years: Numerous locations

.Roots of Lawler Family  more than 100 generations back to Egyptian royalty, via Persian, Roman, very early British, Danish etc. more “recent” medieval 800/1300  French, English, Spanish,  etc. lines

. Medieval Nobility and Royalty Starting with English Nobility ca 1700 back and Royalty back from Henry VIII, going back into Spanish, French, Danish Scottish, etc. Royalty more than 10,000 names in the 1000 to 1600 AD period. This also goes into Saxon, Frankish, etc. in the Roman to 100 AD time period.

       .Roots of Lee Family of Va. more than 5000 names over 1000 years

       .Roots Compton Families, Van Dyke, Belcher,  too many more to list

       .Roots of Palomino Family in Peru up to 10 generations

       .Roots of Infante Family in Peru

       .Roots of Beingolea, Caraceres, etc. Families

.Creativity and innovation for Engineers


       . Alternative medicine

            Herbal  usage, curative and preventative, -de quacking herbal use

            Hydrotherapy – Casanova from S. America, and German / Nordic

            Aroma therapy, mental effect, mood control, and therapy

      . Wellness and illness prevention

 . Alternative Medicine.

 . Mother /baby health and wellness


IV- COOKING / Expanded food varieties

      . Herbal spices tips. Common and more rare spices, also growing

      . Peruvian most popular and Quechua food recipes

      . Scotland Most popular / peculiar recipes

 . Kentucky Tennessee classical level



            Distance interactive education. See our commercial home page

This occurs on three levels, concentrated very high level classes for gifted children age 12 to19-in 5 years taking students to equivalent of several University degrees, Special classes for all adults to learn Nexial techniques for learning (including use of subconscious and some of what is often called ESP), and Continuing Education for professionals who want to be at the cutting edge of their occupation, also adding general (Nexial) multidisciplinary abilities.


VI SOCIAL ENGINEERING:  Historical analysis of assumptions, the “basis” of society, particularly hidden assumption, what works, what does NOT work,  and why; consequences of selected actions, and how to avoid certain disastrous fallacies,  Government is opposed to Freedom, but freedom is required for progress, thus the optimal government is the least government.  Redistribution of wealth in all forms is theft, and always destructive of the society in direct proportion to the loss of incentive (two ways: loss by those from whom stolen, and by those who receive the stolen values – doubly destructive)/ collectivism thus never works. Government consumes value that should be capital, thus halting production of wealth. Key word indicators of those with intent to destroy freedoms, “for the children”, “entitlement”, “social contract”, “common good” and so on – Responsibility exists, if at all, only in individual people. Societies have no social responsibility outside of that exhibited by individuals within the society.  The society is the sum of individual actions, no more no less.


. Climate shift: Global warming, Flooding, Glaciation, Double Climatic Disaster.

. Quantization of space time.  Photon Model, 

. Scientific method- Theory of Irrelevance.

. Link of Sun Spots to El Niño La Niña events

. History & Predictions of future El Niño La Niña events.

. Futurology: Prediction of social events based on cyclic patterns of  history

. Progressions: Mathematics, Ethics, Religion, Technology, Government.


Scientific analysis of History for prediction, 700 yr ~,   45 yr ~ ,   10 yr ~.

Progressions as  predictive tools

ETHICS (Quantitative and Qualitative) and VALUES

Major extensions of Physics (the future  physics of 2040 to 2130) The Quantization of Space Time, Multi Universe Theory, TOE (Theory of Everything) linking all forces, including Strong and Weak Nuclear forces (also predictive of another force). and Trans C transmission of information.

Social Engineering

Realism (integrated Religion).

Global Warming, Ocean Rise, major Flooding, and Ice Age new glaciation

 Use of Nexial Techniques to fix exact dates in ancient Egypt and Chronology  of Egypt,  Babylon, Assyria, Hittites, etc.








Established in 1994 as a Multi-disciplinary Consulting Institute to help and assist companies, students, and Individuals in their innovative and creative endeavor utilizing the nexus (connection) between disciplines in Science and Engineering, and the Humanities.  We find for companies new and simple ways to solve their problems, with cost-effectiveness in mind We will start with a fresh outlook, and the emphasis is on finding new or different, better solutions, not just minor variations of the same old answer whenever necessary.

As a research institute we promote and work in variety of research disciplines from Science to History, from Archeology to Biology.  This can involve the simplification of very complex relationships, Example in Health we use the go back to nature principle for prevention and wellness; in Environment  this includes prediction of El niño and La niña events, Global warming and melting of Greenland, Arctic/Antarctic glaciers with the attendant ocean level rise of 60-100 meters, the prediction of further immediate climatic changes caused  by ocean current shifts with a glaciation trigger event, and its effects on the preservation of species of the world;  based upon detailed integration of data.




Bio-Engineering including, fluid flow heat transfer, and materials and strength of materials calculations for prosthesis and artificial organs.

Genetic Engineering: finding specific genes for Trans-genetic engineering, the transplant of desired properties from one species to another, including creation of a world class gene bank, and trying to promote and maintain bio-diversity.

Electro- Chemical- Mechanical Engineering.

Integration of electromagnetic terms with classical Kinetics, and other three standard heat flow, fluid flow and mass transport equations.  Spectacular results are possible for ionic diffusion controlled Chemical reactors.  This also includes Plasma Reactions and electromagnetic control of plasma flow fields.


The Nexial Institute of Colorado has an opening page that is so similar to ours that it is interesting and amusing. This is hardly surprising since we  both have the same starting point, A. E. Van Vogt (ca 1950).  We also share the same general goals. Both also date back to beginnings in the General Semantics Institute (1938) but  there Colorado group diverged,  They were the INTERNATIONAL Society for the SYSTEMS SCIENCE (ISSS) and in general stayed trapped in specialist studies, and philosophy.  The philosophy has been general word / semantically orientated and thus has not produced many "practical" and Nexial results.  While this group diverged dramatically, actually perfected (to a limited extent) and practiced Nexialism and  in more than 40 areas has made advances in state of the art results, including initiating or discovering  at least three new sciences, and advances in Scientific Method.. The ION (Institute of Nexialsim) established in 2000 has similar direction to both of the others Nexial groups, and has a figure which I would urge you to examine and perhaps copy (fig1 Evolution of Knowledge). That has one major flaw in that places observation BELOW theory and world view (both are mental constructs that must describe what we observe). This is a return to the Aristotelian philosophy which was rejected by Bacon and Galileo, who insisted Science started with OBSERVATION.  Scientific Method always starts with observation, and then progresses to rationalism (thinking about what we observed)..  Yet the different point of view is well worth examination (diversity in thought is always of value).



Director NEXIT N.America      Director NEXIT Europe      Director NEXIT S. America

Prof. James H.L. Lawler            Lawrence Stiers                  Prof. Alfredo Palomino

9829 Heather Ave                  Marktstr  33                           PO Box 3811

El Paso, TX 79925                 97318 Kitzingen                    Lima  100  Peru




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